Pine Fatwood in The Wilds of Arkansas


Ken spots a Fatwood stump after walking just a few yards into the woods a short distance from his house.

Using a Cold Steel Tomahawk, Ken just pushed a bit of the punk out of the way.

The Zippo Test...

LMF - Light My Fire.

Hmm...what to do, what to do?

Shaving off a splinter.

Ken said this Fatwood was so loaded with resin that it glowed when a splinter was held up in bright light - you could almost see through it.

Two large splinters of Fatwood. Knife is a Cold Steel Trailmaster.

Ken the Pyromaniac theaters this summer. 8-)

Catches and spreads rather quickly, doesn't it? About five seconds after the picture above.

Finally, an alcohol stove that Ken Cook made out of a soda can. It works like a charm! He didn't invent them, but he sure makes a good one!

So, what does a home made alcohol stove made out of a soda can have to do with Pine Fatwood from Arkansas? FIRE!


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Copyright 2007-2012 Don Rearic, Photographs by Ken Cook.