Grab your Swiss Army Knife, a roll of Duct Tape and a pocketful of paperclips. Now, grow your mullet out and jump in The DeLorean, we're going back to the 1980s.


Way back in 1986, with the world still reeling from Sammy Hagar joining Van Halen and releasing "5150," I had a fifteen to twenty minute conversation over a weathered picnic table with a neighbor. I was a teenager at the time and, as you might have already figured out, I am opinionated. I did not wake up one day as a twenty or thirty-something adult and decide to be Pro-Gun and have a mad love affair with things like freedom, common sense, guns and knives.

I am opinionated. There, I admitted it. So what? As the old saying goes, "You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts."

Well, I have always tried to base my opinions on reality and fact. Instead of fiction, fear, emotion, hope or wishful thinking.

So, I had this friend a few streets over and he was about ten to fifteen years older than me and we used to hang out a lot and go shooting and camping whenever we had the chance. He had this next door neighbor that was...he was a computer nerd. In the way that computer nerds were in the mid-1980s. I was mildly interested in computers at the time but this guy was paying the bills working with them and he was a rather bizarre individual.

During a conversation one afternoon, the relatively new television show "MacGyver" came up.

From time to time I marvel at otherwise intelligent people who worship the television character Angus MacGyver.

I'm more of an Angus Scrimm fan myself. With a hint of Angus Young.

That having been said, I have to confess, once in a while, I use the term "MacGyverism." Or refer to some expedient or improvised device as being "MacGyvered." Or, the expedient repair of a mechanical or electrical device with some scrounged piece of plastic or metal rubbish. I mean, it is the spirit that is embodied by the old saying:

"We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little we are now qualified to do anything with nothing."

I like that. That's what I take away from this popular old televison show, the promotion of the concepts of improvisational skills.

Unfortunately, the people involved with the television show, like a lot of people in entertainment, couldn't be happy with simply entertaining people and giving them a positive message of "improvise, adapt and overcome."

They had to preach to The Great Unwashed in Flyover Country about the evils of firearms.

That didn't anger me about the show because most television shows expressed some type of anti-gun sentiment at one time or another. More of a roll your eyes sort of irritation. Like when you are exposed to a child's nonsense...because that is precisely what most gun control "factoids" and "talking points" are, childish nonsense.

I mean, let's face it, if we are going to stop watching television because some famous producer, director, actor or actress is anti-gun - you might as well stop watching television altogether. Oh, and for those of you that really love those people and think they are doing great work by promoting disarming The American Citizenry, just remember this, most of them are gun owners and always will be. The other half of them are so wealthy that they hire people with guns to protect them. They're lying hypocrites for the most part.


What angered me was the way that they went about preaching the message of gun control on "MacGyver."

The next door neighbor of my friend I mentioned earlier, this is where he comes in to the story.

So, I can stomach the story about some kid (Angus MacGyver as a child) doing something stupid that results in the severe injury or death of someone else and then the person who did something stupid (Angus MacGyver as a child) blames the inanimate object (Angus MacGyver's father's handgun.) instead of their own stupidity.

I don't like it and I think it is promoting stupid and irresponsible behavior but that's what a lot of the entertainment industry is about. Stupid people doing stupid things in stupid settings with other stupid people and then assigning blame to someone or something else.

What I cannot tolerate is the same character (Angus MacGyver) running around making indiscriminate weapons, improvised explosive and incendiary devices, to get himself out of whatever dire situation he finds himself in while condemning the discriminate weapon - the firearm.

That my friends is a crystal clear message and the content of the message is stupid.

You know, you can point a firearm and the bullet will go in the general direction it is pointed. That's the idea, right? What about a bomb? Bombs and firebombs are incredible weapons. Especially the M18A1 Claymore Antipersonnel Mine. It actually has sights on it so you can aim the device and get the most bang for your buck. Pardon the pun, fully intended.

Improvised bombs and firebombs, and explosives experts will tell you this, are generally some of the most unpredictable devices of all. I'm not talking about actual I.E.D. factories in certain areas of The Middle East where they have it down to a science and actually make incredibly powerful and reliable devices. I'm talking about people walking through some hardware store and gathering up items A., B., and C. and doing Steps 1., 2., 3., and 4. to them and making something that no sane person wants to be within 100 yards of.

Yet, our hero, MacGyver, almost every week, could be observed not only making some type of contraption that would make Rube Goldberg scratch his pate in wonder and amazement but constructing some type of improvised explosive or incendiary device. All based on that back-story that he didn't like guns and that's why he didn't carry guns and all this other Hollyweird-flake B.S.

I was a teenager making this very argument to an adult that was over ten years older than me and they just didn't get it. Or they didn't want to admit it and kept defending the series. Specifically, you have very little control over an improvised explosive or incendiary device so why would you think they were safer or even as effective as a firearm to start with? I mean, the premise of the show is not just absurd, it's demonstrably stupid.

Even when I was a kid, I wasn't stupid.

Some people end up saying, "Ease up. It's just a show." I wish it were so simple. On one level, yes, it is just a television show. Television has long been used to condition viewers. Primarily for the promotion of consumerism. Slick salesmen convincing you that you need things that you do not have the money to purchase in the first place. The dirty little secret is, television does influence a lot of viewers. That's why, even after all of these decades, Anheuser-Busch will still pay millions and millions of dollars for seconds of commercial advertising air-time during The Super Bowl. And they won't be the only company doing it, either.

The NFL rakes it in.


Because people don't make decisions based on what they see on television?

Of course they do!

MacGyver has become such a part of our collective conscience now. I mean, even Hyneman and Savage of The Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" have devoted an entire episode of checking out various MacGyverisms.

In an online interview from August 2011, the creator of MacGyver was speaking about a movie version of the show and was asked about MacGyver's Swiss Army Knife and a paperclip and how far he could get with that in the modern world and the creator of the character remarked that someone had discovered how to open vehicles with electronic keypads by cutting a hole in a tennis ball and blowing cigarette smoke into it then placing that against the vehicle's lock and using that to unlock the lock on the vehicle...and that the character of MacGyver would have to be as familiar with these systems so he could do that sort of thing, too. That's pretty amazing. That video that went viral on YouTube was a hoax. But this is what you get from Hollywood, where tricking the dog trying to get the ball is an Earth-shattering revelation.

Some of these people tell us guns are bad and it's better to defend yourself with improvised explosives and least the people that agree with the sentiment expressed by this TV show.

These are the kinds of people that tell you that it is impossible for a regular person to draw a handgun and fire it but the same person should pull out a wireless phone and dial 911 and hit send while you are being attacked and that is entirely possible and viable as a means of self-preservation.

These are the types of people that tell us we have to pay yet another tax because of "Global Warming." If it is a hot summer, it's "Global Warming" and right now, in the winter of 2014, it is cold and that is also proof of "Global Warming."

These are the types of people that preach to us about every facet of our lives.

Multi-millionaires like Gwyneth Paltrow preaching to us how we should eat and regular working people cannot even hope to afford the nuttery she suggests. Totally out of touch with reality.

Actors testifying before Congress.

The inmates are running the asylum.


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Oh, for the record, I have listened to Van Halen since 1978. I've listened to Sammy Hagar since around 1980 or 1981. I love it all.

David Lee Roth currently has one of the greatest YouTube Channels ever created - The Roth Show. As Diamond Dave says, "Don't run, we'll chase ya."

It does my heart good to see Roth on FaceBook with a scoped rifle enjoying the fine American Pursuit of being out in the middle of nowhere with a firearm and shooting stuff.