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Click on the picture up above and go "like" Ed's page. Excellent information and insights from a good friend.

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Links are very important to me. This is what the World Wide Web/Internet is supposed to be all about! LINKS! You can hyperlink and BOOM! You are off into another Universe of Information. Thatís what this is all about Friends.


Something really special.

The Miyama Ryu Midwest Dojo has a Self-defense tool you will find very interesting. Click on the picture and you will find it!





ESEE Knives are some of the toughest tools you can purchase for your outdoor, hunting, fishing and survival needs. In my opinion, and the opinions of others that I have grown to respect, they are THE BEST survival tools you can purchase. You get the most bang for your buck with ESEE Knives - without question. ESEE has recently branched out into offering more than just edged tools - now you can get even more high-quality survival gear from them. The solid designs, materials and workmanship of the knives and the affordability of them combined with an absolutely no-hassle guarantee against knife failure is a rare thing nowadays. Click on their logo to visit their websites.



Boker is making some excellent knives and other gear, incredible bargains. Inexpensive without being "cheap" and they're not scared to try different things that used to be the sole domain of knifemakers that catered to martial artists and collectors of exotica. Please visit and support their efforts.


SEREPICK - Yes! "Unconventional Security For An Urban Environment" doesn't even scratch the surface of what SEREPICK has to offer.

TI-SURVIVAL - For years now, people have E-mailed me asking where they can get high-quality Titanium Straws, Chopsticks and other Titanium Survival Gear. Please visit TI-SURVIVAL.

Over the past few years my Wife and I have been carrying Maxpedition products on a daily basis. We have no complaints. Top quality materials and construction combine with innovative designs and the result is Maxpedition.

Once you carry Maxpedition gear for a while, you won't be able to go without it.

Please support them, you won't be disappointed. Click on the Maxpedition Logo and look at the awesome line of gear they offer.




The following links are to close Friends and I support them and their efforts.

Some of the links may contain information I might not necessarily agree with, that is okay too. One thing is for sure, in these links you will find something interesting to read and study.


A few words about these two guys, James Keating and Kelly Worden. These were the guys that first gave the Keys to the Castle away. They are the ones, The Innovators, who supplied information that many kept secret from everyone. Going back to Fighting Knives and Full Contact Magazines, these were the guys you have to thank for the explosion of information and Conceptual Thought when it comes to Combative Arts in my opinion. If you have a Teacher who is stingy with the information now you can connect the dots yourself. Learn what you can from the footwork and everything else then have your eyes opened. Well over 50% (and possibly over 75%) of the knife information out there in video and seminar format can be directly traced back to these two guys.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery to some...but donít water down your drink, go to the source - Datu Kelly S. Worden and Master at Arms James A. Keating.

The first link is to James Keatingís Website. See the Gentleman with the large Bowie Knife? That's him!


James A. Keating Dot Com


Next comes Kelly Wordenís Natural Spirit International. Great material and some excellent articles on the site. Like Comtech, some of the best instructional material you can find.


Kelly S. Worden Dot Com


Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts

Jay Carstensen along with Terry Trahan form the nucleus of Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts Study Group. If you live near either one of these Gentlemen or near another Member of this group and you want to learn self-defense survival skills, get in touch with them.

Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts

Now, Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts - Denver


I met Fred Perrin ten years ago and he is a long time friend. Fred teaches Self-defense using impact and edged weapons as well as unarmed combat to Citizens, Police and Military Personnel throughout Europe. He also specializes in improvised and expedient weapons, survival training and escape and evasion methods. He also designs and makes beautiful knives as well as purely functional self-defense knives. The link below is to Fred Perrin's Bladecraft Website.


ACDS Belgium! I have several good friends - Rod, Lem and Serge, who know their way around a blade and a whole lot more. If you are in their part of the world, look them up!




My own blog, can you believe it? The Survival Lab, where I park a lot of things that don't go here or I was too lazy to put on this website during my long, black sabbatical.


If you are a purveyor of survival and related gear and you are interested in having your website's link on my links page, shoot me an E-mail.




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