The Cheapskateís Street Survival Kit

So, alot of people want a great degree of safety in a very inexpensive package. Or...some want a very inexpensive package that they wonít have to cry about if they have to dump it. it is! This is a very cool and effective little package for you folks on a budget who live in a bad neighborhood, or for those that want a "chucker." Meaning, if you have to "chuck it," you donít cry about it.

And for your hard earned $60.00 (or less) you get a Kasper/Polkowski Production Fixed Blade from CRK&T, a Comtech Stinger and a Lithium MicroLight. (And you can substitute that with your tiny LED light of choice)

What surprised me about the knife was, it is chisel ground. And let me tell you, right out of the box, absolutely wicked sharp with a needle point. Sure, the sheath is a "clacker," very noisy, but, still an excellent deal for those that are on a tight budget or want a couple extra throwaways...

Iím a firm believer that if every woman would dedicate a couple hours of training a week, especially training in what I refer to as, "Compliance Ruses," purchased, practiced with and actually carried this little package, rape would be a thing of the past in about twelve months.

Of course, that is never going to happen, but it is a nice thought, isnít it? Nothing spoils an erection more than being on the receiving end of an uppercut under the chin with a Comtech Stinger and multiple stab wounds...

Iíll leave the Cell Phones and Whistles to those that like to tour the Talk Show Circuit and sell their idiotic and suicidal ideas to women who wish to hide from reality.

This knife, I am not going into the edge holding ability of this steel, or the ease or difficulty of sharpening it. It is what it is. If someone wants to tear it apart for its lack of excellent steel, etc., fine. Thatís not what Iím about at all.

The knifeís attributes far outweigh any deficiency in the steel for its intended purpose... Those attributes are:

Very Concealable.

Capable of Quick-Draw.

Incredibly sharp and pointy out of the box.

Comfortable and Secure in three main grips.

Goes to point very well and in general, fast handling.

Cheaper than dirt.

Very light.

Those three main grips are, saber, hammer and icepick. Whatever you want to play (with the exception of edge-in icepick, which does not feel good with this knife) this knife will do it.

This knife is about the best buy for a Fixed Blade in the Realm I am speaking of, that I have ever seen. Iím not kidding either. Thank you Mitch for a wonderful gift.

The MicroLight and the Comtech Stinger can be carried through a parking lot at night, no fuss, no hassle, and in the picture you see the basic position for lighting up an area around your vehicle, etc., to take away the concealment of darkness that an attacker would enjoy otherwise. And you still have the Stinger ready to go if needed. Nice, simple and effective without frightening anyone around you.

I wonít go into every detail about the use of LED lights, go to the link for "Nighttime Companions" That should explain my thoughts on these devices well. I think they are "must-have" items for people interested in Self-defense.

The Comtech Stinger I have written about before. And if a piece of plastic could be cheaper and more impressive, I would love to see it. I cannot praise it enough. It looks like a little chunk of plastic, but it packs a mean punch.

As advertised, it does align the bones in the arm and wrist for a straight shot from the skeletal system. Protects you too. It goes well for people that are familiar with Push Daggers/Knives, but you do not have to be familiar with that genre of edged weapons to get the most out of your Stinger. It is a principle we are speaking about here.

Worlds collide with another excellent Self-defense edged weapon, the Perrin LaGriffe, in itsí many forms. With the LaGriffe, like the Push Dagger, you can lock an edged weapon into your skeletal system for maximum power transfer and effect on target. (The Stinger is shown with a Cold Steel Push Dagger in the picture below so someone unfamiliar can see the similarity in concept. The Stinger being a non-edged version of a thrusting Push Dagger)

You can easily dent wood with a Stinger, the effects on facial bones and ribs are going to be devastating. Even a very light woman in the 100 pounds range is going to hit like a freight train with a Stinger after a little practice.

As for Gunting-type nerve and muscle strikes, the Stinger shines in that capacity as well. The Charlie Horse from Hell. Bone strikes are simply going to be agonizing to anyone who is not Chemically Fueled on alcohol or some other drug. A straight shot into the solar plexus will most certainly rob them of their air, and a shot into the sternum is going to hurt. This device has the ability to not only break ribs, but to split them...very painful. Anything that will be effective with a punch is going to be devastating with a Stinger and because it is plastic and feels no pain and will not break...some targets that are not normal for clenched fist are going to be effective.

It is safe to say that if your punch lands and you are using a Stinger, the person might die if you target their temples or some other vital area. This makes me think back to a vicious weapon some women have used. High heeled shoes. Very much underrated.

Like many similar devices, Koppo Stick included, you can hit with a palm strike, hammerfist or reverse hammerfist with the Stinger. You can grab clothing or hair to control someone without losing it with a little practice as well.

Place the Stinger in your hand with the point protruding between index and middle fingers or middle and ring fingers, make no difference. Whichever is most comfortable to you personally is what matters.

Neat, huh?

Don Rearic

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